Knight Problem
Sparse Matrix Add, Transpose, and Multiply
Maze Problem
Shortest Path in a Maze
Linked List Stack
Linked List Queue
Evaluate Expression
Linked List Polynomial
Equivalence Relation
Threaded Binary Search Tree
Min Heap
Graph traversal with DFS and BFS
Articulation Points Analysis
Bi-Connected Component
Set Find and Union
Minimun Spanning Tree: Kruskal's Algorithm, Related class
Minimun Spanning Tree: Prim's Algorithm
Minimun Spanning Tree: Sollin's Algorithm
Dynamic Programming: Maximum Capacity for Knapsack Problem
Dynamic Programming: Minimum Cost for Chain of Matrix Multiplication
Dynamic Programming: Optimal Search Tree for Known Probability
Critical Path Analysis for Activity on Edge
Sorting Algorithms: insertion sort, quick sort, merge sort, radix sort, heap sort, counting sort, shell sort
Deap: a Double-Ended Heap Supports Double-Ended Priority Queue
Min Leftist Tree
Fibonacci Heap Demonstration
Fibonacci Heap Source Code.,
Shortest Path Problem, Dijkstra's Algorithm with F-Heap
AVL Tree
RB Tree